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Tired of retaking the bar exam? Regain focus and confidence using this practical guide to bar exam

Nov 12, 2018 3:41:35 AM / by Bijoux Ngwanda posted in Insider, On LexInsight, Case Studies, Law


Why should you read my article and what makes me an expert?

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Design Thinking in the Legal Field

Oct 15, 2018 3:26:50 AM / by Myron Westmoreland posted in Insider, On LexInsight, Law, Law Firm


The legal industry is a very competitive environment and law helps shape that environment. In fact, law affects the five forces (Porters, 2008) by developing and determining industry competitors, buyer and supplier power, new entrants, and substitutes. In order to stay competitive law firms need to better understand and characterize the industry environment. Therefore, they need to innovate to compete and adapt to socioeconomic factors. Innovation, begins by thinking of solutions that are challenging your business. This means law firms must collaborate with and create a legal design that will improve its internal and external strategy. Where do law firms start? Design thinking.

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