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Reshaping Legal: Tech Competence for Future Lawyers

Mar 19, 2018 2:16:13 AM / by Jennifer Roberts


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In the past, the legal industry has gotten a bad reputation for being resistant to innovation. It makes sense: Many of today’s law firms are entrenched in tradition, and lawyers tend to be cautious. To take a risk means potentially losing money or clients.

But law firms are slowly starting to adopt new technology that will change the way business is conducted. This and other factors mean the law firms of tomorrow — and the attorneys inside them — will be different from those today.

Here are the changes you can expect to see:

1. High demand to stay on top of tech trends for service…

While AI will change the way attorneys conduct business, this powerful shift will also require a watchful eye from legal professionals. As the softwares we use evolve, lawyers will need to research updates in order to leverage tools to their fullest extent. This will be especially true for the complex but powerful AI tools entering the market today. AI already quickly mines documents for evidence in litigation (among an increasing number of other tasks), but next year it will be capable of saving law firms even more time.

2. …and for competence.

If you fall behind on latest developments, you may lack the knowledge necessary to represent your client, making you unable to competently handlea particular case or many. Not understanding or accounting for the features of a new mobile chat service, for example, could ruin your eDiscovery case and diminish your credibility. As AI becomes the standard, you’ll face stiffer competition against tech-equipped attorneys. Those who do not invest in similar technology will get left behind.

3. The ability to achieve more in less time.

Thanks to the speed and reliability that comes with technology like AI, expect your responsibilities to increase in size. Because AI will quickly handle complex tasks, like conflict check and due diligence reviews, you’ll be free to conduct higher-level tasks, pursue improvements, and add a personal touch to your services.

4. The transformation of business.

It’s not just the software on your work computer that will evolve. Technology in and out of the office will change interactions with clients. For example, secure mobile apps will one day connect potential clients with attorneys. What’s more, technology will also simplify research by converting unstructured data, like emails and text files, into structured data with clearly defined data types. Again, researching these trends will keep you among the industry’s leaders.

5. Increased transparency.

Tomorrow’s lawyers will be expected to be even more transparent with clients in every aspect of the relationship, including pricing decisions and how research is conducted. Some software already grants clients real-time data about their cases, and this will only grow more commonplace in the future. This level of transparency will also lend itself to greater efficiency thanks to decreased confusion.

6. Greater opportunity to freelance.

Because technology will simplify the legal process for talented attorneys, breaking off from law firms will also be easier. With the help of AI-based technology, LexInsight will connect clients with skilled attorneys who have the exact background and skillset needed for each project. Want to get ahead of the curve? Take control of your career by joining LexInsight. Once you register, you will gain access to the projects you’re most qualified to take on, meaning every assignment is in your control and expertise.

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Jennifer Roberts

Written by Jennifer Roberts

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