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Important for Lawyers to Understand their Local Community

Jul 20, 2018 4:00:00 AM / by Myron Westmoreland

Understand local community

Why is it important to understand your community for a law firm? Understanding your community may help promote a positive vision of attorneys and law firms. In addition, understanding and connecting with the community promotes positiveness and shows that you care. Some ways that may help you understand your community and make a connection is to volunteer and perform pro bono work for those in need. Those who are in need may not be able to afford quality legal services, which may help them from understand the delicate intricacy of the law.

A good example of this is the Tarrant County Bar Association in Fort Worth Texas. The Tarrant County Bar Association provides a free monthly legal line for Tarrant County residents. The Tarrant County Bar Association legal line provides free legal advice twice a month and its volunteer base has more than 3000 attorneys. Community connections do not have to be done by an attorney only. The legal support staff, which may be composed of paralegals, legal secretaries, administrative managers, and other non-attorney personnel can also help by providing assistance to the community. Here are a few ways you can connect with your community and understand their needs.

Charity Functions

Recently, a local business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area collected toys, clothes, and other items to donate to charities around the city. It is a good idea for law firms to do the same. Join or assist local non profits by either helping them with grant writing, kitchen help, working in the food pantry, or collecting items for kids and disadvantaged families. There are also charity functions. Lawyers and their staff may participate in events like bike bends or golf tournaments. You can also use your law firms social media sites to announce your involvement in a charity function. It a good way to get clients involved and meet new clients.

Pro Bono Service

A key way lawyers and law firms get involved with the local community is through pro bono work. You can begin to understand the needs of your community by joining a pro bono program like a legal line through your local bar association, or a program like Pro Bono Texas, who helps veterans and all members of the local and state community. Not only does this help the community, but it also helps you sharpen your legal skills and connect you with others in your field.

Sponsor a Youth Team

Another way to make a positive impact on your community is by sponsoring a youth sports program. This will be a tremendous contribution to the community by possibly lowering the cost of participation fees. More families may be able to participate and sign kids up. Nothing brings a community together like sports and when the community understands that you care it sends a heartfelt message. Plus, it is a good way to build your brand and may even provide a tax-break for your firm.

Understanding your community is key component to being successful. These few ideas are just the tipping point for the various ways you can get involved and make a difference without monetary compensation.

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Myron Westmoreland

Written by Myron Westmoreland

Myron Westmoreland is a Texas native who works for Darden Law and Terra Intelligence. Myron holds a MA in Biblical Interpretation and a MSc in Criminal Justice from the University of Portsmouth UK. An avid sports fan (Patriots, 49ers, and Spurs) you can find him coaching beginners and competition tennis for a premier sports league.