Benjamin R. Eisenberg, Esq.

"Ben is a document review professional providing top-level service as a Discovery Associate at an E-Discovery boutique law firm, Tanenholz & Associates. He has several years of experience as a document review contract attorney. He has seen it all: working fast on late night ""fire drills,” giving extreme attention to detail on privilege logs, and have long conversations about responsiveness. Ben learned that emotional intelligence matters for attorneys, having served for several years in the nonprofit sector giving free legal services. Prior to his legal education at Berkeley Law, Ben worked for several years cleaning streets and sorting trash at a recycling plant. He knows how to work hard all day to clean up a mess. "
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6 Ways Human Intelligence Enhances Artificial Intelligence in Document Review

Jul 10, 2018 4:00:00 AM / by Benjamin R. Eisenberg, Esq. posted in For Contract Attorneys, Law, Law Firm


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